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Disclaimer: While an effort has been made to assure a reasonable repair procedure, no guarantees are made. We are not responsible for any damage or injuries that may occur as a result of following these instructions. The only vehicle these procedures has been tried on is a 1933 Plymouth PD. Applicability to any other vehicle is for you to decide.

Engine Torque Wrench Specifications

I have yet to find official torque wrench specifications for the 1933 engine. I suspect that there were not any published.

For example, the Plymouth Mechanics' Repair Manual, 1933 to 1936 Cars Inclusive [NAPA 1937] describes the following for tightening the cylinder head:

Cylinder head nuts should be tightened in the order shown in Fig. 5. First run all the nuts down snug with a speed wrench. Next, tighten them fairly snug with a head nut wrench in the same order and finally go over them a third time drawing them down securely. If the same order of tightening is followed each time the nuts are tightened, danger of wrinkling the gasket or distorting the head will be avoided.

Note the lack of any numbers. There is no appendix in that manual that gives numbers either.

Torque wrench specifications do, however, follow some logic. Generally a fastener is chosen based on the amount of clamping force needed. The larger diameter of the fastener, the higher the force available (and generally desired). Since the basic design of the engine did not change for many years it is probably safe to use values from later engines and apply them to the 1933 version.

At present, I have four references for torque values on older Plymouths. These sources do not fully agree with each other as to appropriate values, so where they conflict use your judgment:

  1. MoToR's Auto Repair Manual - Eighth Edition [Motor 1944]. This indicates that is is applicable for 1935-42 models and has one set of torque values for all the models in that period.
  2. Plymouth Service Manual for 1936-42 Models [Chrysler 1945]. This source gives one set of numbers for all models covered.
  3. Chilton's Auto Repair Manual 1940-1953 [Chilton 1953]. This sources give applicability by model code.
  4. Plymouth Service Manual for 1946-54 Models [Chrysler 1953]. This source gives one set of numbers for all models covered.
Description Torque Value (ft. lbs.)
1935-42 Plymouths
[Motor 1944]
1936-42 Plymouths
[Chrysler 1945]
1940-53 Plymouths
[Chilton 1953]
1946-53 Plymouths
[Chrysler 1953]
Rear Axle
Rear Axle Shaft Nuts142 Min.  142 (min.)
Rear Axle Ring Gear Bolt Nuts35-40  35-40
Differential Bearing Cap Screws   85-90
Rear Axle Drive Pinion Flange Nut   180 (min.)
Differential Housing to Axle Housing Bolts25-30   
Brake Shoe Anchor Bolt Nuts37.5-75  55-75
Rear Brake Support to Axle Housing Flange Bolts and Nuts30-35  30-35
Front Brake Support to Steering Knuckle Cap Screws29-33.3   
Brake Support to Wheel Cylinder Cap Screws - Rear16.7-20  15-20
Hand Brake Anchor Support Screws50-55  50-55
Clutch Housing to Cylinder Block Screws   30-35
Clutch Cover Assembly to Flywheel Screws   15-20
Cooling System
Fan to hub cap screws   10-15
Water pump body to engine block   25-30
Bypass elbow to water pump body   10-15
Battery hold down bolts   3 Max.
Spark Plugs26-32 26-32 
Main bearing cap Screws75-8080-85P9-P14
Rear Main Bearing Oil Seal Retainer Screws   5-10
Connecting Rod Nuts45-5045-50P9-P10
Crankshaft Nut108 Min.108 Min. 108 Min.
Flywheel Nuts55-6055-60P9-P10
Timing Chain Cover Nuts or Screws   12-17
Cylinder Head Cap Screws65-70Cap Screws 65-7065-7065-70
Head Nuts
Manifold Stud Nuts15-2015-20 15-20
Water Outlet Connector Studs or Screws   25-30
Oil Pump Body Screws   20-25
Oil Pump Cover Plate Screws   15-18
Universal Joints and Propeller Shaft
Flange Bolts   33-37
Cross Shaft Nut (Pitman Arm)112-125  112-125
Gear Housing to Frame45-50  45-50
Steering Wheel Nut   35-40
Main Shaft Flange Nut95.5-10295-105 95-105
Case to Clutch Housing Screws45-5045-50 45-50
Extension or Rear Cover to Case Screws   30-35
Wheel Hub Bolts58.5-66.5   
Bumper Bolts60-70   

My thanks to Scott Shannon for supplying me with the information from the 1944 MoToR's manual.