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Paint and Trim Note

There exists documentation about the colors and, in some cases, trim (upholstery) available on Plymouths prior to 1934. But no documentation is available that matches paint codes with actual colors or trim codes with upholstery type.

If you have a car which shows evidence of its original paint and/or upholstery and you have the build card, then please forward the information so that we can reconstruct this lost information. The information in the above paint and trim tables is based on the information collected so far. The information desired and a couple of examples:

Model Code Body Type Paint & Trim Code Original Paint (If known) Original Upholstery (If known)
PD Two Door Sedan 258-260 On inside of body, behind the upholstery panels paint color is noted as "Limousine Blue" Upholstery is original and is gray mohair
PD Two Door Sedan 258x301   Original scraps found on seat frames appear to be broadcloth
PD Rumble Seat Coupe 530x301 Color numbers from 1934 through 1936 use numbers in the 500 range for shades of gray. If this was true in 1933, then “Durode Gray” is likely paint code 530 (the only gray available for the PD Rumble Seat Coupe).