1928 Plymouth 1937 Plymouth Plymouth: The First Decade

Engine Compartment Colors

The Silver Dome Era

Information is from [Buton n.d.] with major corrections and updates by [Curtis 2000], [Benj 2000], [Buton 2008a] and [Buton 2008b]. Decal information from [Buton 2008a]. For 1933 confirmation of details is by [Motor 1933] and [Butler 1978 58] and in some cases by original paint on author's car.

Component Model
Q, U 30-U PA PB PC, PCXX, PD PE, PF, PG PJ P1, P2 P3 to P14
Firewall Black (see photo below) ? Body color
Builders Plate on Firewall Early cars use a black on aluminum color scheme. Later cars use a red on aluminum scheme. See note 2 below
Hydraulic Brake Resevoir Decal DD0624 from Jim Osborn Reproductions
Not Applicable
Head Silver Standard: Silver.
Optional high compression: Red (cast iron) or "as cast" (unpainted) aluminum
Block Black Black with possible exception of dark green on PC Black Silver
Intake manifold Black
Exhaust manifold Natural or silver Natural or black
Q, U 30-U PA PB PC, PCXX, PD PE, PF, PG PJ P1, P2 P3 to P14
Water pump Not Applicable ? Black Silver
Thermostat housing Not Applicable Head color (silver)
Lower radiator hose elbow ? Black
Generator, Starter and Distributor Black, manufactured by Delco-Remy.
The Delco-Remy manufacturer tags on early cars were black and silver (bare metal) later units were red and silver. See note 1 below.
Black, manufactured by Auto-Lite
Spark Plugs AC Plugs with black metal bases Early P1 and P2 used AC, late P1 and P2 used Champion P3, P4, P5 and P9 used Champion, P6, P8, P10, P11, and P12 used Auto-Lite
Vacuum advance unit and fuel pump Natural cadmium plate color
Flexible fuel and oil lines Dark rubber and cloth braid
Steel fuel, oil and vacuum lines Natural color with possible exception of black Natural color
Oil Filter Black
Oil Filter Decal DD0572 from Jim Osborn Reproductions.
Oil Filler Cap ? Black
Oil Filler Cap Decal ? DD0363 from Jim Osborn Reproductions.
Q, U 30-U PA PB PC, PCXX, PD PE, PF, PG PJ P1, P2 P3 to P14
Carburetor Cast iron parts were black, pot metal parts were natural "as cast" color
Carburetor Tag (See note 3 below) Heavy Cardboard Triangular Brass Rectangular Brass Not Applicable
Air Filter Decal ? DD0592 from Jim Osborn Reproductions
DD0328 from Jim Osborn Reproductions

(1933 Air filter shown)
Note: There is some evidence that early production PC and PD may have used the rectangular decal as the PA and PB.
Horn and horn bracket on engine Not Applicable Black
Clutch housing Black Silver

Color break between firewall and bodyThis 1933 PD being disassembled for restoration shows the color break between the original Limousine Blue paint and the black firewall.

Note 1: Delco-Remy Identification Tags

It is unclear when the change from black to red plates took place. There is some suggestion that all Plymouth Delco-Remy units originally had black tags and any red tags are because of components being replaced. However some, but not all, 1933 cars (and at least some 1934 cars) have been found with what appears to be original electrical components with red and silver Delco-Remy tags. This is an area that in this author's opinion requires further research.

Note 2: Builder Plates

Some sources indicate that the red plates came into use in the late 1930s however the author's 1933 PD had what appeared to be an original plate that was red.

Note 3: Carburetor Tags

Carburetor tags are being reproduced by James Carmine. He will need to know your carburetor model number to provide the correct tag.