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Disclaimer: With all the changes at Chrysler over the last few years, it is unclear if this service is still available. As of summer 2019, the Fiat/Chrysler web page that described the service has disappeared and I am unable to find references to the Historical Collection or the build card service on their corporate site. Try it at your own risk.

Build Cards

Fiat Chrylser Automobiles has kept on file the “build cards” for most of automobiles Chrysler Corporation built in the US from 1930 through 1967. These are available from:

Build card thumbnailFiat Chrylser Automobiles
Historical Services
12501 Chrysler Freeway
CIMS 410-11-21
Detroit, MI 48288 USA

Fees vary depending on if decoding is available, see the Fiat Chrylser Automobiles web page for details.

They will, of course, need your car's serial number. For most of the 1930s, the serial number is found on the front passenger door post. The engine number (on the block above/behind the generator) and the body number (on the firewall) are all different from the serial number. The build card shows what the original engine number and body number were.

It took about three weeks for delivery of the build card for my car.