1928 Plymouth 1937 Plymouth Plymouth: The First Decade


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Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Chrysler Group LLC – Historical Services
12501 Chrysler Fwy.
CIMS 410-11-21
Detroit, MI 48288 USA
ATTN: Historical Information
Telephone: +1.313.252.2902

Plymouth Clubs

Plymouth Owners Club logo

Plymouth Owners Club (POC)

Buckeye Region POC
Carolina Region POC
Colonial Region POC
Dairyland Region POC
Heart of America Region POC
Lincoln Land Region POC
Tall Pines Region POC

Plymouth Valiant site
The Powell Registry

Chrysler Products, Multiple Make Clubs

W.P.C. Club, Inc.
Airflow Club
California Chrysler Products Club
Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia Inc.
Chrysler Owners Club of Queensland
Mopar Alley

Other Chrysler Product Specific Clubs



DeSoto Club


Dodge Brothers Club

Dodge and Fargo Trucks

Dodge Trucks: The Job Rated Era
Dodge trucks 1948-53


Online Imperial Club (see especially Master Tech Training)

Multiple Make Clubs

Antique Automobile Club of America

Other Specialty Web Sites

Plymouth Sites

Just Poking Along (Adventures in a 1928 Plymouth)
Joe Sherlocks 1939 Plymouth Site
Information source for 1946-1948 Plymouth and Dodge Automobiles
1949 Plymouth P-18 Special Deluxe Restoration
1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe Site
Old Plymouths (Focused on 1949-1952 Models.)
P15 restoration
Early Plymouths
Plymouth 1928 Q, 1929 U and 1930 30-U Discussion forum

Chrysler Sites

Chrysler 300 (Copies of good things like parts interchange manuals too.)
My Mopar" With lots of good things like part number lookup.

DeSoto Sites

DeSoto Land

Dodge Trucks

The 1939-1947 Dodge Truck Registry
Pilot House - 1948-53 B Series Dodge Trucks
1949 Dodge Site
T137 Dodge Power Wagons

Discussion Forums

Plymouth Owners Club Discussion Forum
P15-D24 Discussion Forum
Slant 6 Forum
Mopar Forum
AACA Discussion Forums
Dodge Brothers Forum
Chrysler Products Forum

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Gasoline FAQ
The Classic Car Database